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Factors affecting the production efficiency of winder

Release time: September 22, 2021 Views:one

In recent years, affected by China's economic environment, the textile industry has been in recession, especially in the manufacturers' storehouse, the work pressure is constantly rising, and there are reports of shutdown and shutdown.In the serious field trend, how to improve the competitive advantage of commodities is a practical problem that every textile industry must attach great importance to.As the core index value to consider the company's product cost, production efficiency is deeply valued by the company.As the final technological process of textile, it is the key to improve the production efficiency of winder in all aspects.

    Root cause

    There are many factors that affect the production efficiency of winder. The key reasons are as follows.

    (1) Raw material batch change often.The change of type leads to the machine often running, especially in the metal tray automatic winder, which seriously reduces the production efficiency of the machine.

    (2) There are many defects in tube yarn.Removing harmful yarn defects in tube yarn is the key role of automatic winder. The number of tube yarn defects can directly harm the production efficiency of the winder.In the data statistics, it is found that there is great variability in the yarn defects of the tube yarn, which leads to a lot of tube return conditions, which endangers the production efficiency of the machine.According to the investigation, the machine can reduce the effect of the machine by 0.7 points every time 10 defects are increased.

    (3) The tube yarn is not well formed.The loose yarn, broken yarn or ring shedding caused by unreasonable basic parameters of the rewinding machine caused by various factors not only endanger the production, reduce the production efficiency of the machine, but also increase the labor efficiency of the car stopper and damage the winding quality.In addition, the semi tube yarn caused by batch change and spinning change increases the frequency of tube removal and head finding of the full-automatic winder, and also affects the production efficiency of the full-automatic winder.

    (4) The actual operation is unreasonable.Because of the personnel flow and other reasons, the learning and training of the actual operation staff can not be integrated into the production and processing necessity, which leads to the situation that the tour performance is not immediate, the waiting time for green light parking is long, and the cleaning is not sufficient. All of these affect the production efficiency of the machine in the level of difference.

    (5) The machinery and equipment are in poor condition.The machine of winder can damage the production efficiency of the machine immediately.Some materials show that the mechanical equipment elements account for 25% of the total production efficiency.

    (6) Environmental elements.The operation of temperature and humidity in the natural environment of workshop is very harmful to the operation of electronic device yarn cleaner, especially the capacitor sensor electronic device yarn cleaner is greatly damaged by the temperature and humidity change, while the optical coupling electronic device yarn cleaner is relatively stable.At the same time, the change of temperature and humidity in the workshop will also harm the mentality of employees, thus harming the quality of infield.

    Key countermeasures

    ▎ 2.1 reduce the time and times of species renovation

    Affected by the field environment, raw cotton purchase shows the characteristics of short cycle time, many batch numbers and great quality changes.In order to reduce the risk of fluctuation of cost and operation cost, the frequency of batch change of raw materials is unavoidable.In this case, the workshop according to the scientific arrangement of production and manufacturing, operation type modification, raw materials before and after batch change, the left and right types tend to be consistent as far as possible, so as to reduce the renovation time and machine frequency, and improve the machine operation efficiency.

    ▎ 2.2 control of yarn defects

    Making full use of the statistical analysis function of winding cutting defects, according to the cutting defect data information and yarn defect shape of electronic device yarn cleaner, the yarn defect problems in the production process are analyzed, and the technical measures are purposefully adopted to improve the process management and semi-finished product quality management, and reduce the semi-finished products and tube yarn defects.

    Yarn defects can be divided into frequent yarn defects and occasional yarn defects. According to the shape of yarn defects, they can be divided into NEP yarn defects, short coarse yarn defects, long thick yarn defects and long fine yarn defects.Short and thick yarn defects are common in occasional yarn defects, which are harmful to the quality of nylon fabric and easily cause feedback from customers. Moreover, the short and thick yarn defects in automatic winder cutting basically account for more than 50% of the yarn defects cut by 100000 meter yarn defects, which are harmful yarn defects.Because its total number can directly affect the production efficiency of the automatic winder, it is necessary to control the formation of yarn defects in the production process.

    ▎ 2.2.1 handling of occasional yarn defects

    The formation of accidental yarn defects is mostly related to the fluctuation of working environment, cleaning of safe passage or actual operation.For example, during the whole process of jc14.6tex production in workshop, the number of cutting defects in 100000 meters of winding process often fluctuates, which is caused by winding or hanging flowers in the safety channel of the previous process.Therefore, it is found that the statistics of 100 000 m cotton web thickness in the table often fluctuate, and 20% of the 100 000 m thick statistical analysis data are more than 100.According to the tracking, it is found that the spinning of the separating rubber rod is most likely to occur in the production process. Once the winding occurs, the cotton web thickness grade will be greatly improved.Therefore, after cleaning the rubber stick and reducing the cleaning cycle time of the stop workers, the inspection number of thicker parts tends to be normal, and the cutting number of 100 000 meters of full-automatic winding also tends to be normal, and the production efficiency has increased from 79% to 83%.

    ▎ 2.2.2 improve main processing parameters and reduce frequent yarn defects

    In addition to lifting the safety channel to clean up the accidental yarn defects, the regulation and reduction of conventional yarn defects are also very important.The reasonable setting of the main technical parameters of each process has great influence on yarn defects.In the whole process of the subject research and theme activity, the workshop has done a lot of experiments on the improvement of processing technology parameters, and greatly improved the number and spread of yarn defects.In jc22.4 tex, according to the quantitative analysis of the final blending and roving, the total number of yarn defects has changed significantly, as shown in Table 1.

    It can be seen from table 1 that compared with scheme 1, the small yarn defects and total yarn defects of plan 2 are reduced by 30% and 8% respectively;In plan 3, the small yarn defects are reduced by 20% and the total yarn defects are reduced by 24%. However, due to the high long spinning defects, the second plan is selected after comprehensive consideration.After selection, the number of cutting defects of automatic winding is reduced by 18%.

    ▎ 2.2.3 effective defect removal for main parameters of electric clearing

    Improve the full-automatic winding and clearing process, stabilize the yarn quality, effectively reduce the number of cutting defects, and improve the production efficiency of the machine.In the production and processing, the full-automatic winding and cutting processing technology of c14.6tex aggregation spinning is completed, in which the plan scheme a is the grade classification yarn cutting rate column 3.2 ~ 3.9 yarn cutting, neps n3.8;In plan B, the yarn cutting ratio of grade classification is 3.2 ~ 3.9, no yarn cutting, and neps n3.8;Plan C is the grade classification yarn cutting ratio range 3.2 ~ 3.9, no yarn cutting, neps n3.6.Table 2 shows the yarn cutting status of automatic winding in three different cutting plans.

    According to the data in Table 2, it can be seen that plan C is from the perspective of cotton yarn quality and full automatic winding efficiency.Therefore, the cutting process of c14.6tex aggregate spinning is adjusted and the index value and high efficiency are tracked. The quality standard is stable and the production efficiency is stable, which is between 84.5% and 86%.

    In addition, the winding speed has great harm to the production efficiency. For example, the production efficiency of c19.4tex has not been high. After analyzing the yarn cutting data information, the first reason is that the number of cutting defects in 100000 meters is too high, and the other is that the winding speed is too slow.Therefore, when the winding speed is reduced from 1450m / min to 1350m / min, the production efficiency increases by two points.

    In the subject research activities, according to the inspection and comparison of various processing technologies, the main parameters of processing technology are further improved, which greatly improves the yarn quality and machine productivity, and ensures the further improvement of winding efficiency.

    ▎ 2.3 improve tube yarn forming and winding up

    It can improve the forming quality of tube yarn, prevent the situation of half way parking and falling yarn without fixed length, and reduce the waiting caused by winding tube dismantling and head changing.The follow-up and adjustment of tube yarn forming should be carried out immediately after the type change to avoid loose yarn and bad yarn.In the production and processing, it is found that there is no end of the tube yarn in the doffing process, which will lead to the difficulty in finding the end of the winding.

    The volume of the tube yarn rolled up after the renovation of the spinning short car is reduced, and the frequency of the winding tube dismantling is increased horizontally. According to the forming structure, the tube yarn volume is reasonably increased by about 16%.This strategy not only improves the efficiency of the spinning frame, but also reasonably reduces the frequency of removing the tube of the full-automatic winder, and according to the setting of the technical parameters, it greatly reduces the situation of the tube yarn doffing.

    ▎ 2.4 improve the professional skills of car stop workers

    To improve the professional skills of car stop workers, improve the quality of the infield.According to the production efficiency of tracking machine and analyzing the information collected, it is found that there are great differences in the production efficiency of intermediate machines in the operation class.Data comparison is shown in Figure 1.

    According to the actual operation conditions, the workshop sorted out and summarized various problems, made training materials, and carried out learning and training for full-automatic winder stopper according to the methods of on-site interpretation and posture performance test, so as to improve the in-situ level of the car stopper, and ensure that there is any abnormal situation, immediately communicate with the machine equipment staff.In addition, start the workshop to carry out a variety of production and manufacturing competitions, and encourage the stop workers to improve their own field work ability and quality of car stop.According to the carrying out of various sports, the green light waiting of the full-automatic winder and the abnormal spindle caused by poor cleaning are reasonably reduced, the difference between the shift and the middle of the shift is reasonably reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.

    ▎ 2.5 stable equipment foundation

    In the project research theme activities, the workshop comprehensively improves the basic equipment situation, improves the technical strength of machine equipment staff, and improves their ability to deal with problems.According to various types of professional technical training, auxiliary theme activities and technical competition, the team is encouraged to actively carry out process improvement.In addition, the detection range of the maintenance quality of the machine should be improved, and the outdated machines and spindles should be eliminated to avoid the empty spindles.

    ▎ 2.5.1 improve the passing rate of full-automatic doffing car

    It is found that the doffing car has the unqualified doffing condition. The key is to adjust the position of the paper tube mill frame one by one to deal with the skewness of the paper tube factory itself;Let the doffing car carry out the paper tube change cycle system inspection for each single spindle, adjust the doffing car to the end of single spindle, so as to deal with the problem that the paper tube factory does not release in time;At the same time, it can detect and solve the problems such as the inflexibility of large bobbin and the inflexible spindle position of friend frame, so as to improve the passing rate of doffing cars.The additional efficiency of doffing decreases from 4.6% to 0.7%, which further improves the doffing pass rate.

    ▎ 2.5.2 to improve the passing rate of tube yarn

    In the process of production, the key points of low production efficiency should be tracked and solved.For example, the production efficiency of No.16 machine is only about 78%. According to the tracing analysis, the reasons are as follows: first, two kinds of metal pallets are produced at the same time, and the full-automatic winder itself lacks the integrated IC of spindle foot;The second is that the rear tail pipe causes the spindle foot not to be supplied, and the small vacuum suction cup cannot be found and the alarm green light is more.Therefore, the following methods are purposefully adopted: to repair the left and right axis rolling bearings and their lower abscissa of the extubation drive chain;Adjust the tail searching and tail leaving equipment to ensure that the yarn tail can be sucked in after the spindle foot reaches the single spindle;Check and sharpen the rear cover plate of small vacuum suction cup to ensure the yarn tail can be clamped.After the above measures, the alarm frequency of rear end is reduced from 58 times / shift to 15 times / shift, the alarm frequency of tube yarn cannot be found is reduced from 187 times / shift to 31 times / shift, the green light alarm rate is reduced from 6.7% to 2.3%, the additional circulation system is reduced from 17% to 12.6%, the yarn tail searching efficiency is increased from 87% to 93%, and the single spindle production efficiency is increased from 77.6% to 84%.

    ▎ 2.5.3 carry out key repair on outdated machine

    Carry out horizontal comparison of the machine, find out the outdated machine, and carry out the key improvement.To solve the problem that the production efficiency of automatic winding machine No.22 is lower than that of the same type of machine No.20, relevant staff of the mechanism fully automatic winder carried out tracking and repair. After tracking, it was found that the green light alarm, system software alarm and repetition of the machine exceeded other machines.Among them, in the green light alarm, the size of vacuum sucker can not find the yarn alarm is more.For this situation, the following methods are adopted: clean the filter screen in front of the vehicle to improve the actual effect of natural ventilation;Increase the frequency of the air inlet motor from 65Hz to 68hz, increase the working capacity of the whole machine, and change the negative pressure of the air inlet from 40Pa to 45pa;Adjust the distance between big vacuum sucker and friend;Adjust the change rate of friends from 100r / min to 30R / min;Clean the small vacuum suction cup and trim its aluminum cover;Once again, the frequency of the size vacuum suction cup is set, and the yarn tail suction method of the small vacuum suction cup is adjusted from 0 to 1.According to the above countermeasures, the green light alarm rate is reduced from 1.7% ~ 2.0% to 0.6% ~ 0.7%, and the data statistics of the additional circulation system are correspondingly reduced.For the system software alarm, the tracking reason is that there are many yarn clearer alarms. The key point is to clean up the accumulated flowers in the inspection head of the electronic device yarn cleaner, wipe the stains on the inspection groove, and calibrate again.After the above countermeasures are solved, the alarm frequency is significantly reduced.After tracking and adjusting, the production efficiency of this machine is basically the same as that of No.20 machine (of the same kind), which can reach up to 84%.

    ▎ 2.6 daily management methods for improving operation

    According to the subject research theme activities, we found the problems in the management methods, and conscientiously implemented them to improve the quality of management methods.It is found that the production efficiency of automatic winder is significantly reduced every Sunday.After checking the machine data statistics, mastering the situation of the car stop tool body, and analyzing the reasons together with the full-automatic winding maintenance workers and protection workers, it is found that there are many problems in the weekend: the return rate of the pipe is higher than that in China and Japan due to the problem of spinning;The light condition of automatic winding lamp is significantly greater than usual, and the defect rate is large;The full-automatic winder can solve the problem that the frequency of green light is less than usual;The timeliness of maintenance workers to solve outdated spindles is less than usual.In the workshop, relevant staff carried out follow-up analysis on the above situation, and found that they were all related to the management of weekends. On weekends, because the workshop managers had a rest, the management method of taking turns was slack.Therefore, the workshop assigned managers to take turns on duty at weekends, and formulate corresponding management regulations to promote the rotation of shifts, improve the supervision quality at weekends and mid night shifts, and carry out all-round improvement from the actual effect of central air-conditioning adjustment to the work efficiency of car stop workers and maintenance workers.According to the management method, the machine productivity on Sunday tends to be consistent with that in China and Japan.


    According to the subject research activities, the workshop carried out in-depth analysis and identification of the factors affecting the winding production efficiency according to the research regulations, and took effective measures in the aspects of yarn quality management, textile processing technology improvement, equipment foundation improvement, staff actual operation and daily management methods, which reasonably reduced the yarn defects,The number of cut yarns is effectively controlled.The machine and equipment conditions, the scientific setting of main parameters of processing technology and the actual operation level of employees have been improved, and the production efficiency of automatic winding has been improved.At present, the production efficiency of automatic winding in all workshops of our enterprise has increased by 3 ~ 4 points compared with that before the subject research and theme activity, and the product cost has been reduced at a level.