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Causes and solutions of winder failure

Release time: September 17, 2021 Views:three

As the final process and the first process of textile, winding plays the role of "highway bridge", so it has a vital influence in the textile industry.When the winder breaks down, it is necessary to find out the causes and solutions according to the sequence elements.

Tube yarn library does not rotate

During the normal winding, the unwinding of the tube yarn is finished, and the intermediate yarn detection equipment checks and identifies the concurrent signals, pushes the transmission mechanism to adjust the inserting spindle seat to the aviation control conveyor belt, and kicks the empty yarn tube into the conveyor belt.The stepper motor makes the ratchet wrench rotate one tooth according to the drive system rod, and the tube yarn library rotates the angle of view, and then the full yarn is filled into the spindle seat, and then the spindle inserting seat is moved back to the working position.

Because the position of the ratchet wrench is blocked by silk wool or looping, the ratchet mechanism cannot force the ratchet wrench to rotate, so the yarn library does not rotate.It is only necessary to remove the parts of the yarn library and eliminate the silk, cotton or return.When cleaning with air compressor every week, the fault can be prevented by cleaning in time.

The tube yarn is often withdrawn by the tube breaking equipment

This fault is caused by the contamination of the surface layer of the yarn detection equipment.Just wipe a part of the inspection surface.One part of the inspection of the yarn detection equipment in the cleaning process is a better way to prevent such failures.

Scissors are not sharp

If the scissors are not sharp and can not break the yarn, then the yarn sucked by the small suction nozzle will stretch and stretch into a pair of yarns at the fixed suction nozzle, so that it will be broken according to the yarn cleaner. This repeated for many times, resulting in the failure of normal production and the increase of energy consumption.When overhauling, remove part of the scissors and replace it with a new pair of scissors.Not sharp scissors do not need to be thrown away, can be sent to mechanical equipment maintenance production workshop (commonly known as workshop) grinding sharp again.

Support equipment running disorder

The supporting force equipment gives reasonable supporting force to the yarn according to the supporting force plate.The supporting force plate is divided into a charging plate and a stationary plate.The stationary plate is fixed, and the charging plate can exercise and shake radially.When the filling plate is wound by the return wire, the fitness movement is hindered, which leads to the instability of the supporting force and the uneven relative density of the rewinding machine, which often breaks down.Maintenance should be in accordance with the operation specification disassembly, the return wire and other impurities can be cleaned up.

Large suction nozzle ventilation

When the big suction nozzle is at the zero position, put a yarn beside the big suction nozzle. If the yarn is sucked into the large suction nozzle, it indicates that the large suction nozzle ventilates.Large suction nozzle ventilation will not only lead to resource consumption, but also continue to make the rest of the standard air pressure insufficient.Whether the large suction nozzle is the air inlet is decided by the large suction nozzle environmental protection and energy saving flap beside the damper.When the flap is opened, the large suction nozzle is used for air inlet, and on the contrary, there is no air intake.The large suction nozzle ventilation is caused by the loose closing of the trap due to the blockage of the trap by silk and cotton dust. Therefore, the air inlet valve should be removed to clean up the silk and cotton dust, and the cylinder piston rod which forced the flap to open should be taken out, and the sealing vegetable oil should be wiped to realize the sealing and smooth effect.After the installation of the inlet valve, check again with the yarn whether there is no steam leakage, and make sure to repair a good one.

Splicing failure or splicing failure

The failure of splicing is caused by various factors.First, the technology is unreasonable and the main splicing parameters are unscientific.The other is that the position of the yarn lever is wrong, and the yarn cannot be pulled into the splicer.Third, there is less oil in the splicer, which is not convenient to rotate, the sealing ring leaks steam, and the splicing cover is not sensitive to damage or bounce.The first reason is that the main parameters of splicing can be changed due to human factors, and then splicing experiments are carried out to test whether the main parameters are effective.The second solution is to loosen the fixing screw on the bobbin and calibrate the position.The third reason is that it often occurs, and it is also a key part in the maintenance work. Therefore, the repair can be carried out according to the actual situation. For example, it is necessary to add grease to the theme moving parts.

Failure of yarn cleaner

The yarn cleaner is another key component which damages the quality of winding.The automatic winder generally uses electronic device yarn cleaner, which can be divided into optical type and capacitance sensor.Taking the tk830 capacitive sensor yarn cleaner produced by Loepfe enterprise as an example, if mechanical wave occurs in the tube yarn, the yarn cleaner will be cut after several turns of the groove drum, and the production and manufacturing of the yarn can be resumed by changing the tube yarn.When the yarn cleaner fails, it will often cut in a short period of time, so that it can not be produced continuously.The way to clear the fault is to calibrate the yarn cleaner, and the calibration frequency should be more than 2 times to ensure the accuracy of calibration.If the calibration fails, it can be judged that the electronic components inside the yarn clearer are damaged, which can be handed over to the welder for solution.

The size of the gripper arm is not easy to rotate

The size bobbins on the gripper arm are all fast-moving parts, and their speed ratio is close to that of the grooved drum, so the rolling bearing is often damaged.After the fault occurs, the friend rotates hard and the yarn sorting is not symmetrical, which will generate an alarm. It is only necessary to take down the rolling bearing in the bobbin and replace it with a new one, and then the production can be resumed.