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National Day blessing

Release time: September 30, 2021 Views:four

Today, with excitement and joy, let's welcome the arrival of the 72nd birthday of the great motherland mother. In this national celebration and happy day, Feihu Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. sends holiday greetings and sincere wishes to the staff of all departments!

A series of changes carried out this year have been successfully completed with the support and efforts of everyone. However, we should also be soberly aware that there is still room for improvement in our professional quality and ability. Our professionalism and attitude are far from professional level. The company will further rectify its work style and improve its work quality and efficiency,And promote and appoint a group of young and promising management cadres to play the role of the mainstay.

The company is the home for every employee to devote their feelings and efforts. We hope that more family members will give advice and contribute to his development. We have a brilliant yesterday, and the company's tomorrow will be full of vitality and hope.Now we are facing a new situation and new tasks. Only by boldly reforming and opening up can we continue to write a better future.We have reason to believe that with the joint efforts of all, we can overcome all kinds of difficulties, so as to open a new chapter, realize a new historical leap forward, advance with the times and create a new glory!

The autumn wind outside the window is cool and affectionate. Everyone's mood is extremely excited and happy at this moment.May you relax and bring my best wishes to your family during the holiday season!At the same time, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the friends who still stick to their posts during the festival!