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Great achievements in improving the use value of textile industry

Release time: August 30, 2021 Views:six

On the new year's day of 2021, bosden entered into a good start, and its offline retail sales increased by 300 million yuan on the first day.

"Customers are paying more and more attention to quality. In the case of large foreign brands pouring in, the factor of" reversal "of big brands is not that the price is very low, but the quality is very good!" it is a common experience of network anchors of zhonghongxing Media Advertising Co., Ltd. that big brand down coats "don't worry about selling" in the live room.

"Get rid of price competition and improve development quality" is the mutual selection of many famous textile brands in recent years.Yong, the leading group and director of China's cotton textile Committee, said at the 15th Annual Meeting of the China Textile round table forum recently that in recent years, the development of China's textile industry is generally in the link of deep adjustment of transformation and development and improvement of development quality.

In the second half of 2020, the foreign demand sales market in China's textile industry tends to be warmer.Data information shows that the retail sales of home textiles and knitwear of Enterprises above the quota in different regions decreased from more than 30% in early 2020 to 6.6% in the whole year.In the online retail sales of commodity products, clothing products will increase by 5.8% in 2020.

The export sales market has increased significantly.Under the promotion effect of the supply and export of health and epidemic prevention materials such as facial mask, the export competitiveness of China's textile products was released steadily, and the export business scale was close to the historical time level created in 2014.Data shows that in 2020, China's textile trade will total 291.22 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 9.6% year-on-year.The steady release of export competitiveness, especially the return of order information, reflects the "hard power" of supply chain management and industrial development of China's textile industry, and also reflects the practical results of deep adjustment and improvement of development quality in China's textile industry.

Gao Yong said that the examination results of China's textile industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period are obvious to all.In terms of scope, at present, the total output of chemical fiber production and processing accounts for about 50% of the world, the production of chemical fiber accounts for about 70%, and the total export value accounts for about one third;Textile weapons and equipment in China's market share to achieve more than 80%.From the perspective of comprehensive ability, China's textile industry chain has achieved excellent or leading position in terms of categories, output rate and quality, productivity, independent processing technology and equipment, etc.

Looking forward to the 14th Five Year Plan period, China's economic development has a long-term and steady development, and the people's consumption market for happy life has been continuously released, which will promote the continuous upgrading of the foreign demand sales market and give a more critical driving force for the development of the textile industry."We must also recognize the differences between China's textile industry and Western countries, especially in the fields of technological innovation in cutting-edge technology, the innovation ability of famous brands and fashion trends, the core competence of green development, and the management and control ability of sex supply chain." Gao Yong pointed out that the new round of information revolution is developing at a deeper level,The technical nature of raw materials occupies the forefront of the information revolution. The new chemical fiber materials replace the traditional raw materials with the advantages of excellent performance, multi-purpose, light weight and flexible production, which provides a key way to improve the use value of the textile industry.

"In the next step, cotton textile should deal with the problems from manufacturing to refining, and then to completion, so as to really achieve accurate manufacturing, green environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing system." Shan Zhongde, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of engineering academy and leader of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, thinks that we should constantly promote the research and development of high-quality textile weapons and equipment with intelligent system to improve work efficiencyCharacteristics and intelligent level.At the same time, actively develop service-oriented textile production and manufacturing, marketing and promotion of personalized customized production mode, market development requirements.