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Improving the production technology level of double twister with frequency conversion technology

Release time: November 5, 2021 Views:two

    1、 Brief introduction of machinery and equipment

    Double twister is a kind of twisting machine. The practical operation of twisting in textile industry is a production method of twisting fluffy chemical fiber into yarn or twisting yarn and silk into strand yarn and rope, so as to make yarn have physical, chemical and physical properties and appearance, such as compressive strength, ductility, elongation, hairiness, glossiness, tactility, etc,It is all based on the structure of the yarn after twisting, and when the state of the machinery and equipment changes, the textile can also get a unique external utility. The above effect is all produced according to the machine and equipment of double twister.And the current double twister can complete the operation of one turn and two twists. Compared with the traditional twisting machine, its twisting efficiency has doubled in the production line rate.


    When the spindle motor is pushed by the spindle motor, it will rotate in the same step, and then the yarn will enter into the supporting force tube from the supply silk friend, cross the support force bead, and be clamped by the extensibility effect of the support force bead, so as to produce a grip point. The yarn will retreat from the core hole of the hollow spindle and enter into the spindle plate vertically. Then, the yarn will arrive at the static yarn guide hook through the yarn storage area offset from the inlet and outlet of the spindle disc,The relative height of the balloon is determined by the position of the cook wire guide hook. After passing through the cook wire guide hook, the yarn reaches the overfeed roller, and finally the yarn is cross wound on a friend through the yarn guide.

    2、 A detailed introduction to the transformation scheme of frequency conversion operation for single spindle double twister

    The spindle speed of single spindle double twister can reach 12000 rpm. Each spindle position is controlled by single spindle motor, winding is controlled by winding motor, overfeed is controlled by overfeed motor, and transverse motion is controlled by servo motor and transverse motor.The winding and overfeeding operation of each spindle is closed or separated according to the clutch, and the spindle motor operation is closed or separated according to the AC contactor.

    Yarn angular velocity = 2 * spindle speed / twist

    Overfeed rate = yarn angular velocity * overfeed ratio

    The speed ratio of single spindle double twister is more accurate, which is generally controlled within ± 10R / min.

    In the case of double twister manufacturing, the yarn forming can not overlap and the two sides of the formed cylinder yarn can not be broken.This requires that spindle motor, winding motor, overfeed motor and transverse motor must cooperate well.

    Control frame diagram

    3、 Ski600 overview

    Ski600 design

    Ski600 main power supply circuit

    Ski600 is equipped with Chinese control panel, which can be used to manipulate, adjust and carry out the setting of relevant main parameters, supervise the current values, store and download parameter configurations for free.Ski600 has Modbus communication protocol, which can browse Modbus protocol immediately through two integrated communication port numbers.The practical operation of the machinery and equipment is simple and practical, which greatly reduces the time and capital investment in the actual operation, and shows obvious application scope in various application natural environments. Moreover, as a inverter brand, Sanke has 15 years of production and manufacturing product R & D work experience, can be customized, and can quickly comply with the habits of our customers,To produce high quality customer experience for many Chinese customers.