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Causes of yarn pollution of double twister and Countermeasures

Release time: October 11, 2021 Views:one

In the process of daily customer visits, customers, especially cotton textile customers, are often heard to reflect that during the whole process of yarn twisting, especially when it comes to the time range when friends are about to finish, 2-3 meters of yarn will suddenly be contaminated, that is, the greasy yarn that the customer has said.So how to prevent and deal with this kind of situation?

01 causes of yarn pollution

a. Caused by mechanical lubricating oil

Oil stained yarn is caused by mechanical lubricating oil.For example, if too much oil is supplied to spindle rolling bearing or 6001 6002 rolling bearing, unnecessary oil contamination will be thrown out during the whole process of high-speed operation of spindle, which will cause yarn pollution, which is not clean.Naturally, there is very little chance of this happening.

b. Dust pollution

During the operation of yarn in the spindle channel, because of the working environment and dust accumulation inside the yarn, a layer of dust will adhere to the spindle yarn channel during the operation;Because of the sudden change of working environment temperature and humidity, condensation water will occur in the yarn channel;At the end of the yarn, due to the change of unwinding support force, the yarn will change its original line in the channel.At this time, even the fire hose dust will be taken out, the yarn surface will produce gray black, similar to vegetable oil appendages, but the dust pollution can be cleaned away.

Dust accumulation in spindle channel

02 yarn pollution prevention measures

According to the above situation, how to prevent it

a. First of all, according to the equipment instructions, quantitative analysis and filling in accordance with the provisions of the plant oil (krub nbu15).

b. To ensure the cleaning of the working environment, good natural ventilation, strictly control the temperature and humidity of the production workshop, and improve the cleaning of equipment and yarn passage.

c. If there is a standard, try to reduce the cleaning cycle time of equipment maintenance, for example, once a month, it can be reduced to once a half a month.

d. Cleaning method of yarn channel: a thin cord can be used with a soft cloth belt tied at the tail end, and ethanol is poured in. The pneumatic yarn threading function is used to suck in the yarn, and the soft cloth belt is pulled out for 3-5 times. The internal channel of the spindle will be clean.

e. In addition, the multi-level tensioners need to be opened on time for cleaning, at least once a month.

There must be some details in the above opinions Fang, hope to communicate with you in the same industry and customers!If you have other needs, please contact Feihu textile marketing department!