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Maintenance of double twister

Release time: September 24, 2021 Views:one

Maintenance of double twister

Equipment maintenance is an indispensable stage in daily production and manufacturing. The quality of equipment maintenance immediately affects the quality of goods, so the specific content and specification of maintenance are key.

The following parts of the double twister must be inspected from time to time:

one Spindle part

Check the coordination ability of spindle operation: 1 . Remove the spindle ; . Hold the stationary disk and rotate it gently to check whether the rotation is convenient ? Is there a noise ? Is there not enough oil ?

In case of any abnormal spindle, solve the problem in the following order:

Hard will not move the disk ( Yarn can fusing agent ) Pull it out to separate the stationary disc from the chuck.

Check whether the spindle bearing is wrapped with waste wire, if so, remove it, and check the coordination ability of the bearing.

There is no cotton winding, but the bearing does not rotate easily ; Or remove the cotton yarn after the bearing rotation is still not flexible, then use a special fixture to remove the bearing, replace the upper frame bearing.

Press the bearing in with a special fixture against the bearing bore.

After the rubber ring is put on the bearing again, press the stationary disc in.

If there is a small amount of spindle foot oil, oil supply should be carried out immediately.

two Part of the Dragon belt

Check whether the Dragon belt makes abnormal noise, whether it shakes left and right, whether it is wrapped with cotton yarn and whether it is stained with oil.The abnormal noise produced by the belt indicates that the abnormal operation or winding of cotton yarn occurs.To check whether the Dragon belt has touched the least part of the introduction, if it touches, it needs to adjust the number of tensioning guide wheel, and gradually adjust it from the side of positive drive belt disc.When twisting to the right, the Dragon belt rotates clockwise, so when changing, check it gradually from the positive drive belt disc, and check it clockwise for one week.The left and right swing of the Dragon belt is also caused by the poor position of tightening guide wheel.If there is cotton yarn wrapped on the Dragon belt, it can be solved when the machine is shut down in a small amount. In many cases, it must be solved immediately, otherwise the belt will deviate and make abnormal noise.When the environmental pollution of the belt is serious, the ingot speed will be reduced, the belt will deviate and the abnormal noise will be emitted. Therefore, the belt should be removed and cleaned with neutral detergent.

three Tightening guide wheel

According to the side of the tension guide wheel and the inner side of the belt, the key effect of the tension guide wheel is to maintain the support force of the belt and ensure that the transmission system does not deviate.When adjusting the tightening guide wheel, it is necessary to ensure the flexible rotation of the tightening guide wheel. If the rotation of the tightening guide wheel is not sensitive, the long belt will be damaged.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the tensioning guide wheel drive system.If the Dragon belt is higher at this time, it needs to be adjusted downward. The process is as follows: ① loosen the fixing screw ; ② Loosen the and left lift screw, and then open the right lift screw ; ③ Tighten the tightening screws.In general, the adjustment scope of the Dragon belt is not large, and the position of the Dragon belt on each tensioning wheel is the same as far as possible.