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two thousand and twenty-one 07-02
65000 professional visitors come to the 2020 textile machinery joint exhibition!

two thousand and twenty-one 07-01
Striving for a hundred years and embarking on a new journey -- warmly celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

two thousand and twenty-one 07-01
Impressions of China Textile Machinery Exhibition 2020?

two thousand and twenty-one 05-13
With the enhancement of global competitiveness and the increasing export of textile machinery, it is urgent to upgrade the textile machinery industry

two thousand and twenty 01-01
Laba Festival

Laba Festival, namely December 8 of the lunar calendar, is also known as "magic weapon Festival", "Buddha Chengdao Festival" and "Chengdao meeting".In northern China, there is a saying that "children, children, don't be greedy. After Laba is the new year", it means the beginning of the new year.Every Laba Festival, northern areas are busy peeling garlic vinegar, soaking Laba garlic, eating Laba noodles and Laba porridge.Laba Festival is a typical northern Festival.The Laba Festival is coming. Don't forget to drink a bowl of Laba porridge. I wish you a happy and healthy Laba Festival!

two thousand and twenty-one 02-26
the lantern festival

two thousand and twenty-one 04-13
The Waking of Insects

Generally speaking, it is obviously warming during the period of waking up insects. Therefore, the diet should be clear and mild, and eat some fresh vegetables and protein rich foods, such as spring bamboo shoots, spinach, celery, eggs, milk, etc., so as to strengthen the body to resist the invasion of pathogens.Feihu textile machinery reminds you that the weather changes greatly during the period of waking insects. You should be careful of the changes of temperature and temperature, and the epidemic of seasonal diseases.

two thousand and twenty-one 04-13
Fh-b bobbin rewinding machine

Fh-b bobbin rewinding machine is suitable for chemical filament, rayon, gold and silver filament, textured silk and other raw materials. It is easy to operate and maintain.It is mainly used for the processing of nylon and polyester after dyeing.According to your requirements, you can also install oil wax, bracket and electronic control device according to user's requirements.

two thousand and twenty-one 03-08
Happy women's Day

two thousand and twenty-one 03-12
Arbor Day

two thousand and twenty-one 04-03
Vernal equinox

two thousand and twenty-one 04-04
Fh-4 ingot drum winder with one control and two drives

This series of grooved drum winders are suitable for the cylinder dyeing process of cotton, hemp, wool, chemical fiber and blended yarn, or loose or tight winding in back knitting.The machine adopts single spindle control AC motor or DC motor drive, with functions of spinning stack, length counting, yarn breaking and other functions.Brushless DC motor, one control two drivers, wax disk motor or passive type optional.