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65000 professional visitors come to the 2020 textile machinery joint exhibition!

Release time: July 2, 2021 Views:four

China Textile Machinery Exhibition 2020 and ITMA Asia fair ended on June 16, 2021. The exhibition was postponed for 8 months due to the epidemic situation, but it still achieved good results.According to the current situation, the textile machinery joint exhibition seized the opportunity and launched the exhibition in 2021 according to the call of the 14th five year plan.This exhibition is a successful exhibition, a gathering of elites in the industry, is a reassuring and shocking exhibition.In these five days, the textile machinery joint exhibition attracted 65000 professional visitors.This makes the high-quality development of the industry sustainable and guaranteed.

In the exhibition, the technology and products displayed by various companies have shown many new things compared with the last one, and they have also made great contributions to environmental friendliness.

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2022, looking forward to the next meeting!