The laba Rice Porridge Festival

Issuing time:2021-01-20 08:00

The laba Rice Porridge Festival, that is, the annual lunar December 8, also known as "Magic weapon Festival","Buddha into the Road festival", "into the Road will" and so on. In the north of China, there is a saying "don't be greedy, kids, after the Laba is the New Year", which means the beginning of the New Year. Every laba Festival, the northern region is busy peeling garlic vinegar, soak laba garlic, laba noodles laba porridge. Laba festival is rarely mentioned in the south. Laba Festival is a typical northern festival.

Laba Festival arrived, don't forget to drink a bowl of laba porridge, Feihu Textile Machinery here I wish you a happy and healthy Laba Festival!