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Brief introduction of Feihu textile machinery About us

Zhuji Feihu Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, has been focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of textile machinery for more than 20 years.Is a research and development, improvement, production in one of the large winding equipment and mechanical equipment professional company.

        The company has a senior professional product R & D team, the products developed have won dozens of national patents, the company's headquarters is located in Xishi, Zhuji City, a beautiful hometown known as "the city of socks".With an area of 36000 square meters, the plant is only 1km away from the exit of Hangjin Expressway and Zhuji station of Zhejiang Jiangxi railway, and only 50km away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport and Yiwu Trade City.

  • one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five year

    Establishment of the company

  • Company strength

  • technical support

  • Honor and qualification

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Product display product

  • Single axis single control series
  • Slotting machine series
  • Color card machine product series
  • Support wire machine series
  • Winch series
  • Double twister series
  • Mask ear belt machine
  • Series hoist series

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The organization has integrated a series of industry standards and developed some high-end customer products in cooperation with the technical team

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Double twister series

Fh230a high-speed large winding double twister is suitable for single strand or multi strand twisting of 45d-1000d multi strand fibers such as DTY, POY, HDY, FDY, etc;Wide twisting range and stable twisting quality;The yarn has beautiful appearance and uniform internal and external tension;It is convenient to change the process;Low maintenance cost.

September 2010 two thousand and nineteen