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Fhsn-800a intelligent high speed winder

Product overview

Introduction to machine performance

    Fhsn-800a intelligent high-speed winder is a series of winders produced by our company. It is suitable for the winding of various raw materials such as silk, hemp, yarn, yarn and so on, and the loose and tight winding of winding with twisted yarn.

Centralized control and individual management are adopted.

Servo motor control is adopted to make yarn guide more intelligent.

Tension sensing system is adopted to ensure yarn tension.

The angle sensor system is used to ensure the control accuracy.

The combination of active winding and unwinding ensures yarn quality.

The reasonable design of yarn track can reduce the influence on yarn winding.

The upper unwinding frame is designed to make the operation more convenient and labor-saving.

The auxiliary configuration such as motor control oil filling is adopted to make the processing process more reasonable.

With isolation transformer, the power supply is safer and the voltage is purer.

technical parameter

technical parameter
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