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Fhtdtk type doubling machine

Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, three-phase five wire single ingot power consumption 120W (special order for foreign trade machine)Power: 120WWeight: single machine 200kg / section, double-sided machine 380kg / sectionControl: single control, length counting, automatic stop of broken line, adjustable speed and slow starting

Product overview

Introduction to machine performance

This machine is designed by our company on fhtdtk-a / b single spindle single control winder to adapt to the current development of textile products. Due to the advanced technology of single spindle control, edge closing device, thread breaking self-stop, fixed length control, adjustable speed and yarn tension automatic control device, the multi strand filament, thread and rope can be integrated into the bobbin, and the tension between strands is uniform and the shape is beautiful.
technical parameter

technical parameter
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