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Fhtdtk-c single spindle and single control winder

Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, three-phase five wire single ingot power consumption 120W (special order for foreign trade machine)Weight: 200kg / sectionScope of application: chemical filament, yarn, rope and wrapping yarn 2012 for winding

Product overview

Introduction to machine performance

This machine is suitable for spinning filament, yarn, rope and wrapping yarn 2012.In order to meet the needs of printing and dyeing or high-speed weaving in the following process, the bobbin state is reconstituted.Or to control the tension of the yarn, or yarn oiling, or yarn waxing.As the machine adopts single spindle control, yarn automatic oiling (optional);Edge closing device, anti fold device, thread breaking self-stop, fixed length control, overfeeding and threading, speed adjustable, yarn tension automatic control device, waxing device (optional) and other advanced technologies, so as to ensure the high quality of the machine.Its characteristics: fast wire passing speed, uniform tension after forming and beautiful forming.

technical parameter

technical parameter
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