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Fhgs-800a intelligent doubling machine

Product overview

Introduction to machine performance

Innovative solutions, advanced technologies and applications.

The winding speed of the drawing machine can be controlled automatically by computer, and the speed can reach 1000m / min. the winding density and winding range can be changed arbitrarily by electronic yarn arrangement.High speed, good molding!It is an ideal equipment for blending cotton, hemp, silk and chemical fiber yarns.

1. Package capacity

The packing capacity can be increased by 20-30%, that is to say, the length of jointless wire can be increased by 20-30% under the same volume

2. Unwinding tension

The unwinding tension is uniform in the later double twisting process, and the probability of breakage is reduced.Compared with the grooved drum, one reciprocating 5 turns, 12 turns can be set. The double twist balloon tension is stable and the yarn twist is more uniform.

3. Traverse guide yarn

The electronic traverse guide yarn is used to solve the problems of slotted drum yarn separation and greasy yarn.

4. Production line speed

High production speed, linear speed of 1000m / min, according to the characteristics of different raw materials, set the speed and molding process

5. Length accuracy

It has high precision, controllable range of two thousandth and good consistency of length.The consistency error of yarn weight is controlled within 18 ‰.

6. Stepless regulation

The range of motion and bevel angle (edge closing) are infinitely adjustable.The phenomenon of "chrysanthemum heart and convex edge" can be effectively avoided by adjusting.

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