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Fhct-600a high speed doubling machine

Product overview

Equipment features

1. Change the traditional yarn channel mode, turn less, yarn damage is small, hairiness is reduced by 50% compared with the traditional yarn blending, and the harmful hairiness is greatly reduced.

2. The energy consumption is more than 25% than the traditional doubling machine.

3. Single spindle single control, the precision between single spindle length and weight is up to plus or minus 2.5G, yarn breakage stops automatically, and full cylinder stops automatically, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

4. The front touch screen control realizes the man-machine dialogue, and can monitor each spindle from time to time.

5. High efficiency, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.

6. The operation is convenient, and the broken yarn can be automatically clamped on the thread clamping disc to improve the work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.

7. No yarn separation, no mesh, no elastic yarn, high speed and high efficiency, more conducive to unwinding.

Scope of application

It is suitable for the processing of cotton, polyester, chemical fiber and blended yarn. It can combine the raw materials of different specifications and shapes, and combine two or three strands of yarn into a parallel cylindrical bobbin which can be processed on a double twister.

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