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Fhct-s winder

Power supply: 380V, 50HzThree phase five wire system power: 90W / ingot + washer power (optional)Weight: 350kg scope of application: cotton, hemp, silk and chemical fiber bobbins are wound into a cone to form a cylindrical soft package

Product overview

Introduction to machine performance

Fhct-s type loose winding machine is suitable for winding cotton, linen, silk and chemical fiber bobbins into a cone to form a cylindrical soft package. It is an ideal machine for high temperature and high pressure dyeing process.

Main features of the machine

1. The trough tube is made of superplastic alloy material with high strength and light weight;The groove design has excellent yarn guiding performance and wide applicability;The surface adopts new finishing technology, roughness Ra < 0.8/um, hardness HV > 900, wear resistance;The microcomputer dynamic balance correction meets the requirements of high speed and low noise.
2. The axial transverse soft edge device and the anti overlap and swing frequency design can make the loose cheese more uniform.
3. Single spindle control, slow start;The speed of thread passing is adjustable, yarn breakage stops automatically and has alarm function.
4. Advanced touch screen HMI.

technical parameter

technical parameter
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