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Chemical fiber double twister

Speed: ≤ 10000 R / minType: double sided single face, double motor driveApplication scope: DTY, POY, HDY, FDY and other 45d-1000d multi fiber single strand or multi strand twisting

Product overview

Introduction to machine performance

Fh230a high speed large winding double twisting machine is suitable for single strand or multi strand twisting of 45d-1000d multi fiber such as DTY, POY, HDY, FDY, etc.Compared with the traditional double twisting equipment, this machine has great breakthrough and innovation in production efficiency and design concept;The structure of the machine is stronger;More scientific transmission layout;Forming of single spindle shuttle box system;The ingot speed, winding speed and overfeed speed are controlled by the same frequency system of intelligent PLC, which makes the process change more agile;It has the functions of anti stack, soft edge and edge closing;Double roller yarn transmission and other characteristics.So as to realize the high speed of line passing and the great increase of production efficiency;Wide twisting range and stable twisting quality;The yarn is beautiful in shape with uniform internal and external tension;It is convenient to change the process;With the advantages of low maintenance cost, it is an ideal double twisting equipment with high efficiency, large package and high quality.

Machine features

1. The middle layout of machine power, stable operation, faster speed and lower energy consumption.
2. The forming of single spindle shuttle box system overcomes the defects of traditional gear box forming and modern electronic forming, which makes the line speed unable to go up.
3. The double roller type yarn feeding mode solves the technical problem that the yarn forming is too tight due to the increase of yarn speed, and avoids the phenomenon of yarn strain in the process of twisting.
4. Intelligent PLC with the same frequency system control, to meet the customer requirements of different processes, and change the process more convenient

technical parameter

technical parameter
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